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Ant Raid Review

Ant Raid seemed like just another cartoony Android game for the average person to casually play. When the game starts, it’s a really simple concept of protecting a base in the center using a limited supply of ants. You can select a group of ants using your finger. Tapping selects a small group, and holding your finger down selects a big group. Then you… Read more

Epic Citadel Comes To Android Running On Unreal Engine 3

Epic Games has been making games for iOS for a while, but Android has always been left out. Today, they released Epic Citadel for Android, which is a sort of showcase of their work and Unreal Engine 3. It also comes with a built in benchmark, something that the iOS version lacks. It’s pretty, but what does this mean for the future of Epic Games? A… Read more

Google Wallet Updated With Improved UI And Bug Fixes

For those of you with a phone supported by Google Wallet (whether officially or unofficially, we don’t judge), the app has been updated so you should grab it off the Play Store. The update doesn’t include much, but does offer an improved user interface, stability fixes, and improved battery life. None of this is at all specific, but overall positive…. Read more

Nexus 7 3G Now Offers T-Mobile SIM With Purchase

The Nexus 7 3G model is a fully unlocked tablet, supporting any GSM carrier SIM card for data. But when you bought a Nexus 7 3G until today, you would get an included AT&T SIM card for quick activation. Now, this does not mean that it is an AT&T device. There is no hardware branding and it is not locked to that carrier, but they included the SIM so you… Read more

Instapaper Updated With Pagination And Recommended Articles

Are you an Instapaper user? If you are, the app was just updated and has become a lot more useful. The most important part of this update is the pagination feature, which lets you turn pages naturally. You can also turn pages by tilting your device. Another feature included is called The Feature, which is just a set of recommended articles. It’s always… Read more