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Chrome For Android Beta Now Available On The Play Store

Chrome Beta is available on desktops for those daring enough to try it, so why not Android? Today you can finally get your fix, as the beta version of Chrome is now available to download straight from the Play Store. These builds will be updated often with new features, new fixes, and lots of bugs. That’s right, there will be bugs, and they may be… Read more

The Play Store Web Page Now Rocks The Roboto Font

If you haven’t noticed, the Play Store web page is a bit different right now. It is a small change, but changes the look significantly. The Roboto font, made for Ice Cream Sandwich in house to increase visibility on new higher density displays, has finally made it to their Play Store. Everything is now written in Roboto, giving the page a whole… Read more

16GB Nexus 7 Available Again On The Play Store

If you wanted a Nexus 7 over the holidays, you might have noticed that the 16GB model was hard to come by. However, it is once again available for you to buy. While the 32GB model and the 3G model both ship in 3-5 business days, the 16GB model is still a bit delayed, but it will ship in a fairly quick 1-2 weeks. It makes a great post-New Year gift to… Read more

PSA: Play Store Dev “apkdeveloper” Adds Malware To Popular Apps And “Super” To End Of Name

Android is an open platform, and that’s why we love it. The Play Store doesn’t have restrictions on what apps can access or do, and that makes some apps true gems. It adds usefulness and value. However, there is a big downside: malware. It isn’t as huge as many people make it seem like, but it is a legitimate problem. This time, apps from a… Read more

Google’s List Of The Best Apps Of 2012, What Would You Change?

With 2012 almost at an end, the top xxxxx lists of the year are in full swing and now Google is getting in on the action. Google’s list of the best apps of 2012 seems surprisingly or unsurprisingly depending on your point of view less dependent on looks and features and more on apps that are “…Available globally and offer a great user experience on… Read more

Famous Forum App Tapatalk Gets Tablet Version On Play Store In Beta

Tapatalk has been a great app to browse forums easily, used by many people for many different sites. However, tablets have always been left out of the equation. The app was made for phones and only phones. For all the tablet users out there who want their fix, you finally have the option. Tapatalk HD Beta has hit the Play Store for free, so now you can… Read more

Amazon, Google Will Deepen Their Rivalry In 2013

Its safe to say Google and Amazon are already rivals on a number of levels, including app stores, books, movies, and more. The seeds of rivalry began over 10 years ago when Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos got wind of Google’s plan to digitize product catalogs and Bezos saw a threat to his online retail giant. “He realized that scanning catalogs was interesting… Read more