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Today’s Best Play Store App Sales

As the holidays grow nearer, the sales grow larger and the developers grow kinder. Today, a bunch of new apps went on sale. Some of these apps are excellent, too. If you want to see more sales, see yesterday’s post! And don’t forget to check out AppSales for more sales in the Play Store. Rockstar: Grand Theft Auto III ($0.99) Max Payne Mobile… Read more

Activision’s PITFALL! Hits The Play Store For Free

Remember the time when all Android users were going crazy over Temple Run? A ton of fakes were made, people were going crazy, it was a huge event. When it was released, people played it to incredible lengths. However, it seems that the hype died soon after. Temple Run is still #12 in the Play Store’s top free apps, but it looks like we have another high… Read more

Play Store Now Offers Localized Graphics For Other Countries

Google has announced that they have added localized graphics to the Play Store. This means that you can choose different images and videos for different regions. Whether it’s just changing language in screenshots or reflecting regional holidays for specific countries, it’s a great way to reach out to more customers. As more than two thirds of app… Read more

AppSales Turns You Into The Ultimate App Deal Hunter

Everyone loves sales. Now that it’s close to Christmas, expect the Play Store to have a lot of sales. But how do you find those sales, you might ask. Well, you can always read DroidDog! We will be posting the best deals here, so stay tuned. But you can also check out an app called AppSales. It lists the Play Store’s sales, along with a watchlist for… Read more

Tons Of Play Store Apps On Sale Today, Here’s A List

It’s that time of year again, Christmas. The time where everything goes on sale. Though we can all enjoy the beauty of the Steam Sale, it doesn’t quite apply to Android (still, that’s a heads up). Though the Play Store’s official Christmas sale hasn’t started, some developers are already putting up their own sales. We thought we’d list a few of those… Read more

Google Play Is Growing Faster Than The App Store But Pays Off Less

A new report published by Distimo has given us some information about the app stores of the two biggest mobile operating systems, but the information is something we already knew. First of all, Google Play is growing a lot faster than the Apple App Store. Google Play’s daily revenue grew 43% in the last four months. The App Store’s daily revenue only… Read more

Amazon Mobile App Updated With Shipping Notifications

Amazon Mobile for Android has gotten a new update today, and it’s added a very useful feature for holiday shopping. It now has push notifications for shipping, so when your item is shipped and delivered, your phone will tell you immediately. It also offers the option of notifying you about lightning deals, if you’re interested. Both of these features… Read more