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UK Play Store Now Has A “Redeem” Button For Gift Cards

Google seems to be preparing to launch gift cards in the UK, because both the Play Store webpage and the Play app on Android phones now have a “Redeem” option. This option applies to gift cards in the US, so those in the UK can start getting excited. Hopefully the actual gift cards will be released soon, because without them, the Redeem option is… Read more

eSfere Is Another Android Gaming Console, Similar To OUYA

If the OUYA isn’t attractive enough for you, it now has a competitor: the eSfere. Very similarly to the OUYA, the eSfere will contain “at least” a Tegra 3 quad core processor, 2GB of RAM, 16GB internal storage, 2 USB ports, Bluetooth, WiFi, Ethernet, and HDMI. On top of that, the controller will feature a touchscreen with an accelerometer and a… Read more

Modern Combat 4 Back On The Play Store With Fixed Compatibility

Looks like this is the second game today to come back after disappearing. Earlier, Grand Theft Auto Vice City returned after disappearing from the Play Store. Now it’s Modern Combat 4 that has come back. It is now available on the Play Store for you to buy and play freely. We’re just glad it’s back. It’s a good day for Android gamers… Read more

Grand Theft Auto Vice City Available After Long Absence

Grand Theft Auto Vice City was a very anticipated game, so it was a great disappointment when it was taken down on launch day. Technical issues caused them to take it down, and that’s fine. It happens. But it’s finally back up, a little earlier than expected. So if you want to start playing it, hit the source link and download away! Device compatibility… Read more

Rockstar Releases Grand Theft Auto Vice City, Then Removes It

We feel bad for anyone who was excited for this game. In fact, we feel bad for us. Vice City was a pretty big launch for Android and Rockstar ended up pulling it from the Play Store. Issues with XAPK validation surfaced, so they had to remove it. Fortunately, if you already purchased it, you won’t have to do so again when it’s back. Here’s an official… Read more

Google Voice Updated, Google Is On A Roll

Google has updated quite a few apps today. One of those is Google Voice. It’s a bug fixing update, but it’s a pretty significant one. It fixes delayed SMS notifications and inbox syncing issues. The inbox syncing issue caused duplicate notifications because they were not being cleared on other devices when you checked them on one. All this is fixed now,… Read more