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Viddy Hits Google Play, The Video Instagram

Yes, you did read that title right. There is yet another social network for you to follow, catch up with friends, or laugh at cat videos for a few hours. Viddy for Android, essentially the video Instagram, has hit Android. That’s right, a new way to share videos with your friends. I know, you’re thinking “it’s just another YouTube.” Not so, dear reader,… Read more

Google Sound Search Now Available In The Play Store

Google Sound Search (also known as Google Ear) isn’t the most widely known of Google’s services, but that doesn’t make it any the less interesting. For those unfamiliar, it listens to a song being played, then links it to Google Play Music accordingly. Shazam-like service has been in Google’s back pocket for quite awhile now, but many haven’t had an… Read more

Google Gives Away At Least One Free Nexus 4 Amidst Order Debacle

Google’s launch of the Nexus 4 hasn’t been the most smooth to date, with many buyers reporting not knowing what’s going on with their order. It appears that Google is making it up to at least one customer, and will be covering the bill for his Nexus 4. It wasn’t an easy battle for him, however, as he had to speak with customer support more than a few… Read more

Echofon For Android Beta Makes Its Way To Google Play

As any good Twitter addict would know, there’s plenty of mobile options to get your tweet fix. Android can add another one to the tally board, as Echofon for Android has just hit Google Play. Prior to now it was only available on iOS, but the client has now extended to Android. It’s good to see developers keeping up the development of Twitter… Read more

Poll: What Nexus Did You Buy Today?

Today was a big day for every and all Android enthusiasts, as Google’s latest batch of Nexus devices became available. Featuring great price points, it has been quite a hard decision for many on what to buy. The Nexus 4 was hands-down the most popular product released today, but that doesn’t mean the others are insignificant. There were also a variety… Read more

Google To Sell Nexus 4 Bumper Case For $20

Google made a bold decision with both sides of the Nexus 4 sporting glass (just remember how many iPhone 4′s and 4S’ you’ve seen broken, it’s obviously not the best option), but they’re pulling a card from Apple’s book and will be offering a bumper case on the Play Store. However, the bumper case goes above what Apple offered, fitting in nicely with the… Read more

Google Refunding Money For Nexus 7 16GB Purchased 15 Days Prior To Price Drop, ASUS Giving Store Credit

Did you buy a 16GB Nexus 7 from Google Play right before the price drop? You’re in luck, as Google has a price protection policy. If you purchased the device 15 days before the price drop, you are eligible for full refund of the price difference (in this case, $50). However, you’ll have to act fast, as these price protection requests have to be done… Read more