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LG Offering Nexus 4 For Hundreds More, Spanish Retailer Phone House Suspends Plans To Sell It

We know that Google is selling their Nexus devices just to break even, and not to make money off of them. Just like Amazon, they sell their devices cheap and make it up by selling content on their respective stores. It’s a process that benefits both the user and the companies involved. And instead of limiting it to one manufacturer and possibly hurting… Read more

Carrier Billing On Verizon For The Play Store Launches Today

The day has finally come: Verizon now allows you to buy apps from the Play Store and charge your bill instead of your credit card. Though I personally use a credit card, carrier billing has often been a useful feature in the family on AT&T. For first time Android users, the setup for buying apps is a lot quicker and easier. However, there is one… Read more

Nexus 4 Page Updated After Confusion, HSPA+ 42 Support Confirmed

When the Nexus 4 was put up on the Play Store yesterday, its tech specs stated that is HSPA+ 21 compatible, which would have been understandable. We know that HSPA+ 42 needs an extra chip that the Nexus 4 might not have (to go along with the lack of LTE). However, T-Mobile stated in their press release that their Nexus 4 will support HSPA+ 42 on their… Read more

Need For Speed: Most Wanted Launches For Android Today

Need For Speed: Most Wanted is seeing a simultaneous launch on both consoles and mobile devices, which is an awesome strategy. This game is made with the same name as an older NFS released in 2005, as a throwback to the old police chases and the good times when NFS was a great racing series. And hey, it may very well great again, I will always give it… Read more

Nexus Q Yanked From Nexus Landing Page, Google May Have Given Up

Anyone remember the Nexus Q, the little orb Google announced at I/O this year? Well, it looks like Google is trying to forget it, as it has been pulled from the Nexus landing page amidst today’s new device announcements. What does this mean? Google may be distancing itself from the device, trying to make everyone forget that it ever existed…. Read more

Galaxy Nexus Pulled From The Play Store

Looks like the Galaxy Nexus has been completely removed from the Play Store. Google wants to focus on selling the new Nexus 4, so it has left it as the only option. However, the new Nexus 4 is the same price as the Galaxy Nexus, with an 8GB variant actually $50 cheaper. We can’t say we disagree with this choice. The… Read more

8GB Nexus 7 No Longer Available In Google Play

The 8GB Nexus 7 has been one of the most popular tablets ever released. Google, however, has decided to phase the device out. What does this mean? First off, it’s no longer available in the Google Play store. This probably means that the long rumored 32GB Nexus 7 is on its way, and the 16GB Nexus 7 will replace the $200 slot. Anyone looking forward to… Read more