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Today’s 25 Cent Google Play Store Apps

Today’s selection of 25 cent apps is different from yesterdays, so keep reading to see how much more money you can spend! Amazing Alex Dragon, Fly! Full ezPDF Reader PDF Annotate Form Flick Golf! HD Widgets This is a truly great set of widgets. They’re customizable, look great, and provide a lot of functionality, more than other clock… Read more

Today’s Play Store 25 Cent Apps

It is day 2 of Google’s 25 cent app sales, and today’s offerings are here for you to enjoy. They are as follows: Color & Draw For Kids HD Color & Draw For Kids Phone Edition Cut the Rope: Experiments doubleTwist Alarm Clock This one is a great app. Very well designed, has a lot of features, and just works really well. It’s what I use every… Read more

Google Revamps Play Books, Now More Than A Simple Reading App

Those tablet owners who use their devices for e-readers, Google is looking to improve your experience. Google Play Books is receiving an update, and this isn’t your typical 3MB bug-fixer. Included are a plethora of new features, including in-app translation, the ability to highlight and take notes, a built-in dictionary, and Places integration. If… Read more

After 9/30, No More $25 Play Store Credit With Nexus 7

When the Nexus 7 was released, it came with a free $25 Play Store credit, letting you buy apps and media content. It was genius, really. Get people sucked into that media ecosystem and keep them spending. However, after September 30th, Google will no longer be offering that $25 credit with the purchase of a Nexus 7. So if you were thinking about buying… Read more

Free Mixtapes Offered On Google Play As Apps

Mixtapes are albums made by artists and distributed for free without a record label, being a great way to get your name out there. Well there is a developer named Carson Bath on the Play Store that releases apps that just move these mixtapes to your SD card for playing with any music app of your choice. This developer has mixtapes from many artists,… Read more

Google Drive Receives An Update, Brings New Features

Google Drive has been a little lacking in its Android offering, but Google is coming to the rescue. A new update is available in Google Play, bringing some great new features the Drive app has been in need of. Finding files is easier than ever, and there’s much more control over Presentations. Pinned content can now be auto-synced over 3G/4G as well,… Read more

Google Play End Of Summer Sale Starts

Remember the few articles we wrote talking about sales on apps? Forget them. Because those were just a few early tastes. Now, Google has unleashed the full barrage of sales. Called the “End of Summer Sale,” it’s a collection of sales on a lot of popular apps. All I can say is go get em! Hit the source link for the list of apps. Hope you’re just as… Read more