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Doodle Jump Updated With New Themes, Gameplay Stays The Same

Remember Doodle Jump? It was such a popular game 3 years ago. It was one of the first games I downloaded onto my iPhone 3G. Great times. I also played it on my Captivate, and boy was it enjoyable on that 4″ WVGA display. However, it hasn’t gotten an update in a while. The fad has died down. For old times sake, let’s go download it and honor it with one… Read more

Google Play Movies Embracing Rooted Users, Allows Playback

Apparently, Google Play Movies has been allowing rooted users to play movies on their devices since Google I/O. If you are not aware, neither movies nor books worked on rooted devices previously. I don’t know what Google has done to get rid of the risk of people stealing the movies (I hope it’s not a bad form of DRM, though some minor DRM would be fine… Read more

App Developers Can Now Reply To Comments On Google Play

The comments system in Google Play can be very useful for someone with questions about an app, allowing them to see what other users that have downloaded it to get a better feel. One of the larger issues is that users would download an app, have an issue, then leave it in the comments. That wasn’t the most productive method, as developers could not… Read more

My Xbox LIVE App Hits Google Play, Gamers Rejoice

That’s right, Android users can finally get their own Xbox LIVE companion app straight from Microsoft. Available now in the Google Play store, My Xbox LIVE allows LIVE members to edit their profile, modify their avatar, track and compare achievements with friends, and send messages to others. This is great for anyone looking to take their LIVE… Read more

Google Allows In-App Subscriptions For Play Store Apps

Looks like the Play Store is maturing more and more. Google just enabled subscription purchases in Play apps. A year ago, they launched in-app purchases, and this adds even more flexibility and freedom for developers. This system can be used for magazines and games, among other things. Frontline Commando, one of my favorite Android games, actually uses… Read more

Total Commander Hits Play Store, What Can’t It Do?

Total Commander is probably the most powerful file manager on Android. It really does it all, from the average copy/pasting that any file manager does, to zip archive support and a dual panel system to emulate having two instances of the file manager open. And it’s finally on the Play Store! The UI may look ugly in the photo, but it’s slightly better on… Read more