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HTC One XL, One + and EVO 4G LTE Receive PlayStation Certification

HTC and Sony have had a deal for awhile that allows select HTC devices to access the PlayStation mobile app store. Well, it looks like a few more devices have been added to the list. Sony has added three new HTC devices, the One XL (Snapdragon S4 North American variant of the One X), One X + and EVO 4G LTE. This adds to the already present list of the… Read more

[Root] How To Install PlayStation Mobile On Any Device

PlayStation Mobile was released just last night, but most of us can never experience its glory (if you are inclined to call it that). It is only for certified devices, so if you don’t own a Sony or One series device, you’re out of luck. Until now of course. Doing what they do best, developers have gotten around that obstacle and made the app work on… Read more

PlayStation Mobile Support Granted To ASUS And Wikipad

With Sony’s Gamescom 2012 press conference happening in Germany right now, there were bound to be some good announcements to come out of it. Sony announced today that both ASUS and Wikipad would be gaining PlayStation Mobile support which is what was formerly called PlayStation Certification. This means that devices from either one of the manufacturers… Read more

HTC Becomes First PlayStation-Certified Partner

The Sony PlayStation Suite, announced last year in January, has been renamed to PlayStation Mobile. Of course, with Sony hardware being so unpopular (and often just no good), what should they do? Get someone who is actually popular, of course. And with that, HTC has been named the first non-Sony partner to make PlayStation-certified devices. It… Read more

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play review

Introduction: Sony Ericsson’s Xperia Play is the world’s firs PlayStation certified device. While it may not be a frontrunner in the spec department in the current market, the PlayStation controls–D-pad, touch sensitive joysticks, four standard PS buttons, and shoulder buttons–make for a different and superior gaming experience on a mobile phone…. Read more

Poll: Tell us how you feel about the Xperia Play

In response to my unboxing of Sony Ericsson’s first PlayStation certified device, the Xperia Play, I received a number of messages that basically amounted to collective disapproval of the phone. Not everyone had something negative to say about the gadget; a lot of you own one and love it. But I did get more critical feedback than supportive. Perhaps the… Read more