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HTC One X+ Available In The UK, Pre-Orders Open For US

The HTC One X+ is finally available for purchase….. in the UK. Us Americans don’t get a taste of it just yet. The One X+ is available through Expansys UK for £494.99. You can order it from here and pay for US shipping, but there is another solution. Expansys USA has the phone for pre-order right now for $699.99. A bit pricey, but we are talking about… Read more

Infographic: 20 Reasons To Switch To Google+

I’m going to have to agree with this infographic. Google+ is, feature wise, vastly superior to Facebook. There isn’t a single thing Facebook does better than Google+. However, for now, people aren’t so willing to switch. My Google+ is barren, aside from tech sites. I’m a big Twitter user, and I talk to all my friends there and follow tech blogs there…. Read more

MKB Reviews: StatusBar+ [Video]

StatusBar+ is an app with both free and paid variants that allows you to change the notification bar without root access. Pretty nifty! Keep in mind this app is very early in development and that can definitely be perceived during everyday use. If you want to try this out, the free version is linked above. If you’re convinced this is the app for you,… Read more

Top Google+ Tips and Tricks [Video]

Google+ has been around for little more than a month now, and has gained immense popularity in this short amount of time. As a competing social network, Google+ does well to offer a number of features that aren’t present on other social networks. Check out this video detailing the top tips from the MKBHD YouTube… Read more

NFC support in Google+

WIth Google+ in its early stages, full integration across Google properties and technologies has yet to be realized. But it’s clear that that is what Google is aiming for: communication between various devices, systems, and web apps for the purpose of uniformity across the Google brand and for a more engrossing experience. The black bar you see on… Read more

Google+ app for iOS on its way

Erica Joy of Google posted on Google+ today indicating that a dedicated Google+ application has been submitted to the Apple App Store for approval. The mobile site version of the social network is up and running for users who just can’t wait for the official application. It isn’t clear if the iOS software will accomodate phone and tablet modes. The… Read more

MKB Reviews: Google+ for Android

Google’s new social network is upon us! Well – Some of us, anyway. Google+ takes a slightly different angle of approach at a social networking site than their previous attempts and is rolling out now via invites to Gmail users. Not only is there a web-based app and a mobile web app; there is now a native Android Google+ App available in the market. This… Read more