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Samsung Officially Unveils the Galaxy Player 5.8

With IFA beginning later this week, South Korean-based Samsung has decided to make an early announcment in a press release this morning, unveiling the new Galaxy Player 5.8. This new PMP (why is Samsung still releasing these in this day an age?) sports a humongous 5.8-inch display with a resolution of 960-by-540 LCD. The company has not given any… Read more

Cowon Z2 personal media player finds its way into the FCC

There’s a bit of a mystery around this particular device, but what’s life without a little mystery, right? While we don’t know much about the brand-spanking-new personal media player coming down the pipe from manufacturer Cowon, the Z2 is looking to be a nice little device if we do say so ourselves. Sure, it’s only the back of the device, but you can bet… Read more

Sony NW-Z1000 passes through the FCC

If you can remember back to earlier this year, and you keep tabs on Sony, then you probably remember the company announcing that they would be reviving their own Walkman brand by adding Android into the mix. While Personal Media Players (PMPs) aren’t necessarily all the rage these days, especially considering our phones can do media playing just fine, there… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Player 4 & 5 launching October 16, Galaxy Tab 8.9 launching October 2

For those of you out there aching to get your hands on Samsung’s 8.9-inch tablet, the Galaxy Tab 8.9, then you’re probably already pretty excited about the title up there. You’ve probably even already pre-ordered your new tablet through Best Buy. But if you haven’t, because you’ve been waiting to hear an official release date, then get your wallet out,… Read more

ODROID playing HD video and emulating SNES

Well, this ugly ducking looks a lot better in a dark room; not only because it causes you to focus on the television screen, but because you can see the device, used as a controller, lighting up! Cool. HD video playing looks pretty good, but I wish ODROID represented a more significant step forward in the Android gaming department. Still, it looks like some… Read more

Engadget reviews the Archos 5

It will be interesting to see what comes of this MID, as the results could pave (or possibly inhibit) the way for a slew of Android-powered portable media devices. As reported by Engadget, the Archos 5 utilizes an application layer in order to get more bang for the hardware buck with Android, which does not yet support hardware graphics acceleration…. Read more