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An update on the Untethered Podcast

Hello, all! First things first. I’m here to extend an apology to you all. As you all probably know, we haven’t held an Untethered Podcast since December 29th. Sorry about that. Personally, I was moving across the state and trying to pack and prep for CES within a matter of two days. The next week, David and I were both at CES and constantly in search of… Read more

Untethered Podcast Episode 2 now available for download!

Hello, all. Just as I promised, it’s Thursday evening and here is the Untethered Podcast in case you missed our live show yesterday. This is the second episode and it features the man you all know and love, Evan Selleck, David from TmoNews, Joey Lehto and myself. We discuss everything from AT&T backing out of their bid for T-Mobile to tablets,… Read more

The DroidDog Podcast and weekly G+ Huddle

It’s been a week since we broke the news that the DroidDog Live Chat had been canceled in the permanent kind of way, and now it’s time for us to reveal what that “next big thing” is. Not that the title has already given it away or anything. But just as some of you had guessed, DroidDog is unveiling our very own podcast. Additionally, as a bit of a bonus… Read more