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Polaroid Releases Their Own Android Camera

Polaroid revealed their own Android camera, the iM1836 (needs a catchier name), yesterday to rival that of the Samsung Galaxy Camera. The major difference between the Polaroid iM1836 and the Samsung Galaxy Camera is that the iM1836 will have an interchangeable lens. The camera was created by Polaroid’s partner, Sakar, and will be coming in the… Read more

Polaroid planning to launch three new Spectrum tablets

Polaroid is looking to give the tablet market a try, and is planning on releasing three tablets. They will be in three different sizes, 7-, 8-, and 9-inch versions. Specs remain the same across the board, and include a 1GHz processor, dual-cameras, and vary in storage options of 4-16GB. All with run the latest Android 4.0, and are expected to launch this… Read more