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Weekend Poll: What Button Layout Do You Think Is Best?

It’s Friday.  If you’re reading this, hopefully work’s over and you can relax.  A lot of tech and mobile news has happened this week. There has been a lot to take in.  One thing we’ve been thinking about and discussing here at DroidDog is button layout.  We’re not really talking about the order the buttons are in here, but we’re talking about what… Read more

Weekend Poll: What’s Important To You In A Case?

So I just got my hands on a Samsung Flip Case for the Galaxy Note II.  And I’ll be frank, I don’t get it.  However, it got me thinking… What’s important to you in a case? Do you want/need something with a little cushion to protect your device from falls?  Are you worried about scratching your display so you need something to cover it?  Are you… Read more

What Did You Buy On Cyber Monday?

Black Friday may be considered the biggest shopping day of the year, but that doesn’t mean that Cyber Monday doesn’t pull in more than a few people looking for good deals. Today we’ve seen at least one great deal, as Amazon had their original Kindle Fire for only $129. Considering the amount of hacking and whatnot that can be performed on the tablet, it… Read more

Poll: What Deals Did You Snag On This Black Friday?

If you live in America then you’re most likely all too familiar with the holiday of Thanksgiving. But of course accompanying Thanksgiving is the infamous day of deals, Black Friday. Now that you’ve finished stuffing yourself with turkey and the day of Black Friday is drawing to a close, I think that it’s only appropriate to ask, what deals did you snag… Read more

Poll: What Nexus Did You Buy Today?

Today was a big day for every and all Android enthusiasts, as Google’s latest batch of Nexus devices became available. Featuring great price points, it has been quite a hard decision for many on what to buy. The Nexus 4 was hands-down the most popular product released today, but that doesn’t mean the others are insignificant. There were also a variety… Read more

Poll: Which Nexus Device Will You Be Getting?

Yesterday was a big day for Android. Google announced quite a few Nexus products, along with a whole new version of Android. If you missed it all, we posted a handy recap for you to read. But today we have a big question for you: Which Nexus device will you be buying? Of course, this is only for those who are buying a new Nexus device. But we’re… Read more

Poll: What’s your ideal screen size for a smartphone?

It’s and age-old question, but an important one at that. Screen size plays an enormous role in the decision making process of nearly every smartphone buyer, but what exactly is the ideal size for a handset’s display? Personally, I love smaller screens. Sure, most come with their downsides, like lower resolution and compromised viewing angles, but… Read more

Poll: Can The Nexus 7 Withstand An iPad Mini Assault?

The Nexus 7 has already proven itself to be a worthy competitor in the tablet marketplace. However, with the impending launch of Apple’s alleged iPad Mini, will the Nexus 7 remain the go-to option for budget tablet buyers? In case you haven’t heard, the price of the iPad Mini is slated in between $200 and $250, the exact same tiers as Google’s… Read more