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Poll: Do you hack your Android phones?

It seems like a lot of DroidDog readers and viewers are fans of Android primarily as a platform for hacking. And why this is the case is no big mystery. Hackers have repeatedly released coming features (and versions of Android) long before Google, OEMs, and carriers could; provided functionality that would otherwise be altogether unavailable; implemented… Read more

Poll: Tell us how you feel about the Xperia Play

In response to my unboxing of Sony Ericsson’s first PlayStation certified device, the Xperia Play, I received a number of messages that basically amounted to collective disapproval of the phone. Not everyone had something negative to say about the gadget; a lot of you own one and love it. But I did get more critical feedback than supportive. Perhaps the… Read more

Orkut implements free internal advertising with Promote

Google’s social network, Orkut, seemingly languished in obscurity with nary an update for…ever. But Google has been gearing up for a big push with Orkut by implementing new friend groups and their handy new “let’s-go-viral” internal sharing system, Promotions (both demonstrated in the videos below). Orkut still shows plenty of room for technical… Read more

TmoNews poll shows Android leading the pack

I just love polls, don’t you? Our good friends over at TmoNews have put up a poll in a post titled “What OS Are You Thinking About Buying Next?” The options are, well, just about every mobile OS you can think of (on T-Mobile). So far, ~2,700 people have voted. ~1,800 of those votes go to Android. That’s nearly 68%. But we can do better right? Jump on… Read more