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AT&T HTC One X Pre-Orders Now Open, Ready To Take Your Money

If you’ve waited for the moment to finally are allowing you to place your pre-order for the HTC One X on AT&T, your wait is over. You can now head over to AT&T’s website and pre-order for just $199.99. Or if you’re looking to save a little extra cash, you can pre-order from Radio Shack and save yourself $50 bucks. Any AT&T customers… Read more

Sprint Galaxy Nexus Is A Go For April 22nd, $199.99

After every bit on intel in the last 10 days pointed to an April 22nd launch date, Sprint has just gone and made it completely official. The Sprint Galaxy Nexus will launch on Sprint’s as-of-yet-unlaunched LTE network next Sunday for $199.99. Sprint also placed a pre-order online via Sprint.com allowing you to get your hands on the device the day it… Read more

ASUS Transformer Prime hands-on video and written review finds its way onto the Internet

The release of the ASUS Transformer Prime is just around the corner yet we haven’t seen too many videos or reviews on this new and groundbreaking tablet. This being the world’s first quad-core tablet and all, you’d expect it to get more publicity and attention than it has. Maybe ASUS wants it that way. And even though it sold out when it went on… Read more

Best Buy to sell Wi-Fi only Galaxy Tab for $499

Last week, Verizon announced they’re selling the 3G version of the Galaxy Tab for $599 without any contract. To some, that seems a little too in line with the iPad’s, the big name in the tablet field. Best Buy is now advertising a Wi-Fi only version of the 7″ tablet for $499.99. The cheaper price tag and the savings on monthly data plans should make the… Read more

Barnes & Noble’s NYC event likely to bear Nook 2

I loves me some Nook news, and there will be plenty to go around this holiday season. After announcing the November release of Nook software version 1.5, which primarily addresses performance and cross-platform synching, B&N sent out invitations to a “very special event” that will take place next week in their Time Square shop, NYC. No invite in my mailbox,… Read more

Motorola DEFY launching Nov. 3 for $99.99

The T-Mobile Twitter account strikes again. This time, in the form of a launch date and pricing info for the ultra rugged Motorola DEFY. The date? November 3rd, right around the time that T-Mobile inventory list leak said it would be. The price? You’re looking at $99.99 on a new 2 year contract. If you ask me, $100 for 3.7″, 800MHz, military grade… Read more