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LG Offering Nexus 4 For Hundreds More, Spanish Retailer Phone House Suspends Plans To Sell It

We know that Google is selling their Nexus devices just to break even, and not to make money off of them. Just like Amazon, they sell their devices cheap and make it up by selling content on their respective stores. It’s a process that benefits both the user and the companies involved. And instead of limiting it to one manufacturer and possibly hurting… Read more

Galaxy Note ICS Update Comes with a Few Surprises

Some new features have surfaced on the International Galaxy Note after its Ice Cream Sandwich update. A “Premium Suite” of  new features, including a greeting cards application (My Story), Formula Solving, improved S Memo interface and more are added to the already fully functional device. In addition, it seems Samsung included a few extra features… Read more

Plume 3.0 Review [Video]

One of the most popular Twitter clients for Android, Plume, has a received an update to version 3.0 that brings a new UI for Ice Cream Sandwich users. Now you can swipe left and right between your mentions, messages, lists and timeline. Not quite the entirely Holo-based theme like we’ve seen in Boid, but definitely an improvement over the previous version…. Read more