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Staples Announces Google Nexus 7 Tablet Arrival Dates

While other retailers have kept quiet about the arrival of their Nexus 7 tablets, Staples has stepped up and been the first to announce when customers can expect their devices for the U.S. and Canada.  According to their site, the “playground is open”.  Patrons in the U.S. can pay $250 from now until July 10th to take part in a limited quantity… Read more

HTC EVO 4G LTE Official For May 18th, $199.99 Price Tag

What else can we say about the HTC EVO 4G LTE at this point? Oh right, how about Sprint just announcing May 18th as the official release date and a $199.99 price tag. That’s it, that’s all we needed to know. Just in case you were wondering, you’ve still got time to get your pre-order in and hopefully have the phone in-hand a few days early. Full Press… Read more

Best Buy to sell Wi-Fi only Galaxy Tab for $499

Last week, Verizon announced they’re selling the 3G version of the Galaxy Tab for $599 without any contract. To some, that seems a little too in line with the iPad’s, the big name in the tablet field. Best Buy is now advertising a Wi-Fi only version of the 7″ tablet for $499.99. The cheaper price tag and the savings on monthly data plans should make the… Read more

Barnes & Noble’s NYC event likely to bear Nook 2

I loves me some Nook news, and there will be plenty to go around this holiday season. After announcing the November release of Nook software version 1.5, which primarily addresses performance and cross-platform synching, B&N sent out invitations to a “very special event” that will take place next week in their Time Square shop, NYC. No invite in my mailbox,… Read more