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Verizon Gets Record Amount Of Subscribers, Profit Loss Continues

Verizon is on a roll lately, as they have caught (and trapped for two years) 2.1 million subscribers and set a record for fourth quarter smartphone activations. In fact, they activated 9.8 million smartphones in the course of only three months (6.2 million were iPhones, surprisingly). That’s very impressive, but it does come with some bad news. Despite… Read more

Samsung Made The Big Bucks In Q2 Of 2012

Samsung’s Galaxy S III was easily the most anticipated phone this year, and now Samsung has some numbers to back it up. Total operating profit came in at a large $5.86 billion, with one major factor pushing the number: smartphone sales. Leading phones included the aforementioned Galaxy S III, along with the mystical phablet Galaxy Note. With the Galaxy… Read more

Apple Reveals How Much It Thinks It Has Lost to Samsung

Apple, a recent trial against Samsung, revealed just how much revenue it believes it lost to Samsung and its “slavish copying.” Apple claims that Samsung owes them $2.5 billion in unjust enrichment. Basically everything that Samsung has made in profit. Apple also claims that, from this point forward, Samsung should be paying Apple $24 per handset sold… Read more

Google Earning No Profit From The Nexus 7

One of the best things about the Nexus 7 is that it combines high-end features with an incredibly low price. The 8GB model eases in at just $199 while the more capacious 16GB model comes in at a mere $ 249. But Google and ASUS do have to work around issues with such a low price. Google reported to AllThingsD yesterday that they’re selling the device at… Read more