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Sprint Galaxy S III Receiving Jelly Bean Starting October 25th

We know that the Jelly Bean update for US Galaxy S III’s was coming. Samsung said it’d roll out in the coming months. I guess “the coming months” meant this month for Sprint, as it seems that the update will start rolling out tomorrow. The build is L710VPALJ7 and will include improvements such as Google Now voice searching, Project Butter… Read more

Unlocked Galaxy S III’s In UK Receiving Jelly Bean Update

The massive Galaxy S III Jelly Bean rollout continues, with UK unlocked devices being updated right now. Those who are using the “BTU” British unlocked devices should be very happy, as they’re getting a pretty good update. Not only does it contain Project Butter, famed for making device smooth as butter (or other smooth substances), but it also comes… Read more

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Walkthrough On A Galaxy Nexus

What else can we truly know about Jelly Bean as we read all about it? The real test is to see it in action and while we weren’t able to attend Google I/O in person, we have Aaron Baker on the scene taking it all in. He’s got a nice seven and a half minute video up walking through all the features of Jelly Bean on his Galaxy Nexus along with some… Read more