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Google Purchases Waze For An Undisclosed Amount

Waze is a mapping app for both iOS and Android developed in Israel which focuses on community based mapping and outsmarting traffic. The app records roads and traffic as you drive, creating a community based map that uses everyone’s data to make everyone’s commute much easier. Apparently, Google sees a lot of value in it because they have just… Read more

WhatsApp Is Not Discussing A Sale With Google

There were rumors going around earlier that Google would buy the popular chat client WhatsApp. WhatsApp offers free messaging over data but using your phone number as identification, to replace costly texting plans. The app is free, but the service costs $0.99 per year after the first free year (obviously reasonable). WhatsApp business developerment… Read more

Pre-Order AT&T HTC One, Get Free Media Link HD

Even though each of the three carriers is getting the same HTC One, AT&T is managing to differentiate itself and offer an extra bonus for pre-ordering there. If you pre-order the device through April 18th, they will give you a free HTC Media Link HD with your purchase. It’s not a cheap product, so you’re getting a really good deal (if you ignore the… Read more

AT&T Buys $1.9 Billion Worth Of 700MHz Spectrum From Verizon

Once upon a time, Verizon stumbled upon a very rare chance to buy a nationwide license for a 700MHz Upper C block of spectrum. Though most spectrum is sold by region, they managed to snap up a massive amount of spectrum all at once. To this day, Verizon has used that spectrum to roll out their LTE basically everywhere they can, while other carriers have… Read more

Japanese Carrier Softbank To Buy Majority Stake In Sprint

This has been quite the year for US carrier, and it’s not stopping now. First it was the failed AT&T/T-Mobile merger, then T-Mobile decided to merge with MetroPCS. Now Japanese carrier Softbank has confirmed that they will be purchasing a majority stake in Sprint. Softbank will be purchasing a 70% share in Sprint, totaling $20 billion. Of those… Read more

Nexus Q Now In Stock On Google Play, Ships In 3-5 Business Days

The Nexus Q is in stock on the Google Play Store and ships in 3-5 business days for buyers. The Nexus Q is a social media player that lets all your friends play songs, along with other cool features. Unfortunately, the $300 price makes it a poor choice for general consumers (while its hackability makes it intriguing for those who are willing to mess… Read more