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Amazon Mobile App Updated With Shipping Notifications

Amazon Mobile for Android has gotten a new update today, and it’s added a very useful feature for holiday shopping. It now has push notifications for shipping, so when your item is shipped and delivered, your phone will tell you immediately. It also offers the option of notifying you about lightning deals, if you’re interested. Both of these features… Read more

Android 4.1.2 Released To AOSP, Hitting Nexus 7 Now

We’re releasing Android 4.1.2 to AOSP today, which is a minor update on top of 4.1.1. As a note to maintainers of community builds running on Nexus 7: please update to 4.1.2 at the first opportunity. Future variants of the grouper hardware will have a minor change in one of the components (the power management chip) that will not be compatible with… Read more