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Nexus Q Yanked From Nexus Landing Page, Google May Have Given Up

Anyone remember the Nexus Q, the little orb Google announced at I/O this year? Well, it looks like Google is trying to forget it, as it has been pulled from the Nexus landing page amidst today’s new device announcements. What does this mean? Google may be distancing itself from the device, trying to make everyone forget that it ever existed…. Read more

Samsung Galaxy S Blaze Q Not Released, But Renamed

Strangely, the Galaxy S Blaze Q didn’t launch on the 15th like expected. However, there has been a change to it since then (which could explain the delay, though the change is no physical one). It has been renamed the Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G. While a marginally less confusing name, it is really no better, considering its unnecessary length. Knowing… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S Blaze Q Leaked For T-Mobile

The original Galaxy S Blaze was a worthy mid end phone, performing very well. Why not release a QWERTY version? Well the leaked Galaxy S Blaze Q seems to be exactly that, except with a pretty good spec boost. This new device is rumored to sport the ever so popular 1.5 GHz Snapdragon S4, 1GB of RAM, 16GB internal storage, a 720p display of unknown size,… Read more

Nexus Q App Now Available For Devices With Android 2.3.3+

It seems that the Nexus Q app has been updated to work with Android devices with 2.3.3 and up. This is an improvement, since before it wasn’t compatible with most devices. The update also adds improvements to the guest mode feature and other small fixes and improvements. At least you can now control your Nexus Q with more devices than just a select few…. Read more

Nexus Q Backordered After One Day, Ships In 2-3 Weeks

It was just yesterday that the Nexus Q had been in stock and shipping in 3-5 days. And a mere day later, it’s backordered and expected to ship in 2-3 weeks. I wonder what happened. Did it sell out to all those hackers wanting their own custom media device? Is it a problem on Google’s end? It’s hard to believe the $300 Q sold out in a day, but it’s not… Read more

Nexus Q Now In Stock On Google Play, Ships In 3-5 Business Days

The Nexus Q is in stock on the Google Play Store and ships in 3-5 business days for buyers. The Nexus Q is a social media player that lets all your friends play songs, along with other cool features. Unfortunately, the $300 price makes it a poor choice for general consumers (while its hackability makes it intriguing for those who are willing to mess… Read more

Editorial: The Nexus Q is More Feature Rich Than You Might Think

The Nexus Q: the misunderstood, ridiculously expensive and ridiculed new device out. But why is it so mocked? This dark orb of mystery is being shamed as “featureless,” “boring,” “nothing new” and my new favorite, “not practical.” All of this can be justified with some basic explanations. The Q, at first, does seem relatively bland. Essentially, it… Read more