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IDC Claims That 75% Of All Phones Shipped In Q3 Ran Android

While it’s not always a source we hear from, the IDC (International Data Corporation) has released some jaw-dropping numbers from the third quarter of this year. The report claims that 75% of smartphones shipped in that quarter ran Android, a number that seems insane with Apple always in the news for the last few months. This isn’t the only huge number… Read more

Google’s Earnings Released Early, Stock Plummets 9%

Google’s Q3 earnings have been released early, causing stock to drop a massive 9%. According to the Google Investor Relations Google+ account, their financial printer, RR Donnelley, filed a draft of their earnings statement without authorization, very early. Considering how much their stock plummeted, they have ceased trading on NASDAQ until they can… Read more

Carmageddon Launching On Mobile Devices This Summer

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jKjEfS0IRT8&feature=player_embedded It seems that everyone but me knows what Carmageddon is. Though I have not experienced it before, I can’t wait for its announced mobile launch. It looks like an arcade version of Grand Theft Auto that’s only in cars. It’s coming to both iOS and Android, so rejoice! All you really do is… Read more