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Android reportedly running on an HP TouchPad thanks to Qualcomm

We’ll probably have to chalk this up to some very unique timing, but it looks like an HP TouchPad already has Android up and running on it. The build is a Froyo build, or Android 2.2, and it seems to be launching from an initial boot-up of Ubuntu. But, the more interesting part comes from who actually made it happen. While a development community would have… Read more

Qualcomm to bring Netflix to Android

In a world where your Marvells, Samsungs, TIs, and Tegras have all essentially caught up to each other, it’s easy to push who’s manufacturing your Android device’s processor to the back of your head. Realistically, the differences in performance throughout the newest crop of Android processors are barely noticeable. What’s really going to change your… Read more

Qualcomm QSD8672: 1.5GHz dual-core bliss

Oh sure, you may remember the 1.2GHz dual-core MSM8260 and MSM8660 (w/ CDMA support) that Qualcomm already shipped months ago, but this is an entirely different story. Vice president of product management Mark Frankel of Qualcomm has confirmed that the company plans to send out it’s newest chip, QSD8672, by the end of 2010; The chip will be more widely used… Read more

Qualcomm 7X30: the next generation of Androids?

Snapdragon is a beloved brand in the world of green robots, and for good reason: it signaled the beginning of a a fluidity and snappiness Android lovers have been dreaming about for a year-and-a-half. But what we see below is better. This is a video demonstration from MWC that shows off the capabilities of a new line of Snapdragons chipset from Qualcomm -… Read more