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myTouch 3G Slide questions & requests

Here is my first video response to your questions and requests regarding HTC’s myTouch 3g Slide. As I explain in the video introduction, I haven’t received as many questions and requests on this device as I have on others. However, I do have enough for a very short second video, if nothing else. Go ahead and send in your questions and requests by texting me… Read more

Sony Ericsson X10 camera review, final Q&A

This is the one I’ve been looking forward to. At times (due largely to buggy software that drapes a layer of meh atop what I suspect could be a great experience), Sony Ericsson’s XPERIA X10 feels like a camera with a phone rather than a phone with a camera. In the video below I wrap up my *video* responses (more written to come) to your questions and… Read more

Sony Ericsson X10 questions and requests, part 3

My time with Sony Ericsson’s X10 is done but there’s still some material to come, including written content and one more questions and requests video to post after this quickie. Also see part 1 and part 2. This video covers: music player, headphones, line-in adapter controls, speakers, the browser (briefly), life w/o trackball, user updates…. Read more

Sony Ericsson X10a: questions and requests, pt. 2

When I have a review loaner on hand, I like to have viewers send in questions and requests that I try to answer and fulfill on video. This is the second of a series on the X10. If you missed part one, see it here. I’ve got one more of these coming along with more detailed questions, possibly a written response. I will also post a camera review and my… Read more

Your Sony Ericsson X10 questions and requests


It’s that time again, folks. if you have a question about the X10 that you want answered on video, or want me to demonstrate it doing something specific (i.e., bog it down, watch videos, play a certain game), @reply me on Twitter: PhoneDog_John; or send a text message to 503-MOB-BARK. That’s for text messages only; calls and voice mails will be disregarded…. Read more

Your Nexus One questions and requests

For information on submitting your own questions, click here. This post will be updated to include new videos as I complete them. I will tweet about it when a new video is published, so be sure to follow me on Twitter. I will be doing a separate post on the Nexus One camera that will include still and video samples. I may do the same for media,… Read more

I’m ready for your Nexus One questions and requests

For those of you that are unfamiliar with my questions and requests videos, the process goes like this: 1. you send me questions about a device or ask me to show it doing something. 2. I make a video to respond. Super easy, right? All you have to do is send me your questions or requests, including this tag in your message: #N1QA (That’s so I know… Read more