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Take A Look At Android From 2007, What A Difference From Today

As info continues to stream out during the Google v. Oracle trial, we’re getting a look at Android…from 2007. This is a very different product than what we say today, dare we say completely unrecognizable from what we saw in the T-Mobile G1. These interfaces were designed as preliminary user interface elements and were marked “subject to change,” and… Read more

Motorola Admiral [Sprint] review by Breon

A couple of weeks ago, I received a Motorola Admiral for Sprint.  While I’m typically not a QWERTY keyboard fan –certainly not a candy bar QWERTY phone– I am pleasantly surprised with this device.  It has a good form factor and ready for the rugged lifestyle. The Admiral sports a 1.2 GHz processor and has 4 GB of on-board storage (about 1.3 GB… Read more

Samsung Stratosphere for Verizon review by Breon

Surrounded by the DROID RAZR, HTC Rezound, and DROID Bionic releases, the Samsung Stratosphere may have been lost in the shuffle a bit.  Heck, if you Google Samsung Stratosphere Verizon Wireless, the official Verizon results are two-thirds of the way down the page.  Don’t let that fool you; The Stratosphere is a great mid-tier device AND it is packing… Read more

Gingerbread keyboard glitch: ddoublee lletterss

A number of xda-developers members have discovered and confirmed a glitch in the Android 2.3 keyboard that causes double letters to appear after a word correction. The problem has been submitted to Google as a bug, with multiple commenters supporting the submission. As you can see in the video above, the glitch is easily recreated on a Nexus S. This bug… Read more

Image leak: HTC EVO Shift 4G, possibly released 01/09/11

Is this Sprint’s upcoming HTC EVO Shift 4G? All signs point to yes…or at least that this is a retail dummy model of the actual device, hiding under a plastic shell casing. Engadget got the snap from an “alleged Sprint employee,” and readers were quick to point out that the Sense homescreen was obviously ‘Shopped onto the body. Nice work with the MS… Read more

Swype: learning to type all over again?

Maybe I went a bit far with the title, but that’s what I think whenever a “revolutionary” new method of inputing text comes along. The first time I encountered handwriting recognition was when I purchased an orange handspring visor. I tried to learn the chicken scratch equivalents for each letter, but decided in the end that it was much quicker to simply… Read more