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MotoMobile R2-D2 giveaway

Everyone here likes free stuff right? Well much like our very own DroidDog myTouch Anniversary Giveaway, @MotoMobile is having a Twitter contest to be entered for a chance to win one of five R2-DROID2s. Winning is as simple as a follow and an RT so hop to it! For complete rules on the contest, visit the Facebook page here. Good luck… Read more

Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back app

When it’s not crashing or replacing content downloads with a “coming soon” message, Verizon’s 30th anniversary Empire Strikes Back app gives access to some cool stuff. It offers up some collecter card-type images that can be used as wallpaper, a trivia game for those that actually know their Star Wars…trivia, and a Bounty Hunter game for the truly… Read more

Motorola DROID R2-D2 [Verizon] unboxing and hands on

Are all of you Star Wars fans ready? Tomorrow, September 30th, Verizon will be selling the DROID R2-D2 limited edition handset at the Verizon Wireless website and at select retail locations for $249 after $100 mail-in rebate on a new two year contract. I have a feeling that these things will sell out quickly and considering the collectibility of Star Wars… Read more

R2-D2 DROID: More details outed

More details have been revealed on the Artoo DROID 2 including pricing and all sorts of limited edition extras. We already knew that the device will actually look like R2-D2, but now we know just about everything our favorite astromech droid will come with: Packaged in a custom box resembling carbonite Star Wars media dock Wired stereo… Read more

DROID R2-D2 device gallery evokes ahs

I am, at best, a casual appreciator of the Star Wars movies. I watched the first trilogy as a child, glance by glance, in between eating Fruit Roll-Ups and drooling on my blue and yellow Roos. The second batch of movies threw me off, and I probably missed some amazing story telling, acting, direction, and computer graphics thanks to my disdain for Jar Jar… Read more

@DroidLanding: 62.5% of the lost plans are now recovered

Just a quick heads up, in case you haven’t been playing along with the DroidLanding Twitter account and their win an R2-D2 promotion, the contest is roughly 62.5% of the way over. Here’s how the contest works: @DroidLanding will tweet out a missing Attack Pattern plan. Usually, this will be accompanied by a tiny URL linking you to an Artoo audio file…. Read more

R2-D2 live wallpapers leaked

If the boot animation for the upcoming Star Wars themed special edition DROID 2 ain’t enough for your geekness, check this out: live wallpapers from the same system dump. A user from My Droid World has posted the apks, though the link I had seems to be dead now. You can, however, check out the mirrors over at Android Police. Below are video… Read more

R2-D2 DROID 2 boot animation leaked

Verizon leaker Droid-Life has posted a video of what could be the boot animation from the much anticipated Star Wars special edition Android–a phone that, when mentioned, is causing geeks the world ’round to break the glass on their emergency backup underwear cases. Not only that, but DL is offering up the animation file for download along with… Read more