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FINALLY! Listen to Coast to Coast AM archives from Android

This news has been a long time coming. Ever since the Coast to Coast AM app was launched for iOS in the summer of 2009, I have been looking forward to the Android version to be released. Then, last summer, George Noory announced that an Android app was indeed under development. Then came the teases. Then came delay, after delay, after delay. Then… Read more

Coast to Coast AM for Android: February launch tease

Attention lovers of bizarre talk radio; UFOlogists, Bigfoot hunters, witches, and time travelers: We’ve got a little status update regarding the Android application that will allow fans of Coast to Coast AM to download MP3s of shows that were broadcast in the previous 90 days, listen to live shows, gawk at bizarre audience-submitted photos, and more…. Read more

Howard Stern is coming to your Android

SIRIUS XM has entered into a new five year contract with popular radio host Howard Stern. Customers who have the SIRIUS Internet bundle ($2.99 a month) on top of their regular subscription will now get Stern and crew on their Android, BlackBerry or iOS device. There has been no word from SIRIUS XM about when the show will be available for mobile users…. Read more