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HTC DROID DNA Comes SIM Unlocked With GSM Radios

Verizon has been releasing phones with GSM radios for a while. Being a CDMA carrier, their hardware prevented people from traveling with their phone outside of the US. So Verizon started including GSM hardware in their devices, often locked away. They eventually updated the phones to unlock the GSM radios for international travels. The HTC DROID DNA… Read more

Verizon HTC Rezound Gets Yet Another ICS Leak

Verizon HTC Rezound owners have been having a good month! Another ICS leak has emerged for them to try out. The latest build is 3.14.605.5, with a build date of April 28th. For people who are using the Rezound on Verizon, updating is a no brainer. The leak brings new radios and a ton of bug fixes. The lockscreen shortcut settings are now separate… Read more