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Feedly RSS App Hits The Play Store With New Features

Feedly is the most talked about RSS client out there, aside from the soon to be dead Google Reader. Many have migrated straight to Feedly, as they have worked to improve the service for their newfound customers. And the customers are plenty, with three million people joining after it was announced that Google is shutting down reader. That’s with a 4… Read more

Sign The Petition To Keep Google Reader Alive

Google Reader is an integral part of people’s every day lives (we use it all the time), and we were dismayed to hear that Google is shutting it down. How could they do this to their loyal users? They cite declining use, but there are a lot of less popular Google services out there. Google, we beg you, keep Reader around. But begging won’t work. Maybe… Read more

Google Currents App Hands-On [Video]

As you’re probably aware, Google Currents was announced earlier today by the Google team. It’s an entirely different, beautiful way to sort through content and discover new sites. It puts everything in the form of a “magazine,” and allows you to add magazines from Google Reader, trending topics, and other sources. Check out our hands on… Read more

ChannelCaster for Android Review [Video]

The ChannelCaster App for Android presents a unique way of viewing what’s popular around the internet. I wouldn’t categorize it as a replacement or competitor to Google Reader, but it has a similar feel. It does, however, have integration with Google Reader, so it allows you to catch up on all the news you read while you discover more. It has both… Read more

MKB Reviews: NewsR for Android 3.X

Check it out – Google’s Reader Android Application is great for your mobile phone, but isn’t optimized for the tablet reading experience. To keep up with your articles on the go on your Android 3.X tablet you should check out some of the better tablet-optimized reader apps out there. One of the best in the pack is called NewsR. Check out the full video… Read more