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The Dog Park: Week Of April 1st

You knew this would be an interesting week, to say the least. April 1st is always the time where companies throw small jokes out. Google was a heavy participant, with SwiftKey making an awesome and usable April Fools feature. It goes without saying that it was a day unlike any other, whether you enjoyed it or not. Then there was the Facebook event,… Read more

The Dog Park: Week Of March 25th

It was an exciting week for those living in the UK, as the sought after HTC One finally launched! But with supply shortages, many people won’t be able to get them. And with the Galaxy S 4 launching soon, a lot of people will end up waiting. On top of that, T-Mobile has made a lot of big changes that might just change the way carriers work in the US. It… Read more

The Dog Park: Week Of March 18th

The rumors about smartwatches are going crazy. Not only is Samsung confirmed in making a smartwatch, we have rumors of Apple, LG, and even Google joining in. Are smartwatches really that desired? We don’t know, but we can’t wait to see what they have in store! In bad news, the HTC One has been delayed. We don’t know if HTC can afford to release their… Read more

The Dog Park: Week Of March 11th

Wow, was this a big week for the Android world! The biggest news, as you guessed, is that Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S 4 at their Unpacked 2013 event. Not only was the event held in the US for the first time, but they put on a damn big show. Love it or hate it, it was big. And the same can be said for the phone: though appearance hasn’t been changed… Read more

Samsung Releases Video Showing Off Some Galaxy S 4 Features

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=2LHv1FPd1Ec Yesterday’s Samsung Unpacked 2013 event was long and had a lot of content. We wouldn’t blame you if you felt overwhelmed, we did too. There was a lot going on and they announced a lot of new features. They slip the mind fast, don’t they? To refresh your memory, Samsung released a four and… Read more

The Dog Park: Week Of March 4th

Rumors are flying about the Samsung Galaxy S IV, and with the announcement being next week, we won’t have to wait too long to see if they’re true. Some of the rumors include something called Smart scroll (which scrolls a page when your eyes reach the bottom), floating touch, and a PHOLED display. It’s exciting stuff and we can’t wait to see how Samsung… Read more

The Next Generation Of Nexus Devices Arrive: A Recap Of Today

Google’s event may have been cancelled, but that didn’t stop them from unveiling every single device they were going to. Today we got a few new devices, and a few refreshed ones. We also got a new version of Android with a ton of cool features. This post is to recap today’s events and consolidate them into one place. Here is the biggest Google news for… Read more

The Daily Dog Park for July 12th

It’s the evening of the 12th so you know what time it is? It’s time for the Daily Dog Park! Where we recap the hottest news of the day! Here’s what got the most attention today. The Samsung Galaxy S III is finally available from Verizon, just not the hacker friendly version. Sprint got its first non-nexus taste of Ice Cream Sandwich today on the… Read more

The Daily Dog Park For July 11th

It’s the second night of a brand new feature, the “Daily Dog Park” where we bring you an end-of-day compilation of all the days hot stories, news, reviews, and more. So what was hot today? The Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ edition is back in stock at the Google Play store, after a short absence. Nexus 7 sales are delayed until further notice at Office… Read more