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AT&T Announces Exclusive Galaxy S 4 In Red, Coming June 14th

Last year, AT&T announced the Samsung Galaxy S III in an exclusive red color, and boy what a sexy hue of red it was. And while some people may have been upset that it was exclusive, AT& customers must have been happy. Well the same thing is happening this year, with AT&T announcing today that they will exclusively carry the new Samsung Galaxy S 4 in the… Read more

Red HTC One Shows Up Again, Random Retailer This Time Around

They said it was a mistake. A random coder putting up the red version of the HTC One accidentally, and quickly taking it down. But we don’t think so. We think there is more to the red HTC One. Someone took the time to design the mock up, and now it has shown up on another website, with its own sales page. It’s listed as out of stock, so you can’t buy… Read more

Red HTC One Appears Again, May Be Saved For The Future

There has been another spotting of the fabled red HTC One. It showed up on their site once before, and was promptly taken down. Only the black and silver now remain, but that raises the question, will there be other colors for the One? The red one being up was confirmed as nothing more than a mistake, so we aren’t getting a red one anytime… Read more

Garnet Red Samsung Galaxy S III Available Today On AT&T

Samsung’s Galaxy S III made its official US debut last month, but today marks the launch of an exclusive “Garnet Red” edition on AT&T. Pre-orders began on July 15th and units are now available both in stores and online. In terms of appearance the device is identical to its blue and white counterparts, sans the red coating. As with the other… Read more

Red DROID RAZR MAXX Arriving For Verizon Employees

In February, Verizon announced that its employees will be able to purchase a limited edition DROID RAZR MAXX. It would be either 16GB or 32GB for $99 or $199. They would be a special edition red color, and would even come with a unique serial number engraved in the body. Now that they’ve been arriving at the doors of Verizon employees, we get to see… Read more