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Rage Comic Maker for Android

A Reddit lover and Android developer called Tamas++ has responded to widespread craving for more Reddit-focused content in the Android Market by recreating Dan Awesome’s Rage Maker (or by constructing a very similar product) for your Android devices. Here’s my personal, crappy announcement regarding the app (didn’t know that I needed to hit return for a… Read more

Reddit mobile site updated

Reddit mobile While Redditors wait impatiently for the much delayed update that will eventually take the ultra-sexy Android Reddit app, Baconreader, into the Android Market as free/donation ware, an alternative solution is available: the newly upgraded Reddit mobile site. The Reddit crew announced via the official Reddit Blog some changes that are… Read more

Reddit Companion released for Chrome

Today on the Reddit Blog, the release of an open source Chrome extension was announced: Reddit Companion. The Reddit-official free add-on stays out of your way when not visiting a URL that has been submitted to Reddit, but creates a toolbar at the top of your screen when a Reddit post is loaded. The bar makes for easy voting, viewing the karma of a… Read more

Baconreader alpha updated

Chris Arvin, the author of Android’s hot new Reddit app, Baconreader, announced today the availability of his first updated alpha apk. Included in the beefy changelog (below) is a host of usability and aesthetic improvements along with bug fixes, though there doesn’t seem to be any mention of the app’s reported excessive battery usage. For those of you… Read more

Baconreader alpha has begun

Those of you who signed up to partake in alpha testing of the buzzworthy Android Reddit client, baconreader, need to check your inbox hit this link; the application is available…NOW! (Actually, anyone can grab it, as there was apparently a problem with the email sign up system.) You can still enter your email address over at the baconreader homepage… Read more

Baconreader open alpha begins April 12th

There are a couple of acceptable methods of accessing Reddit from an Android phone. Reddit is Fun (at least the paid version with widgets) is arguably the best current choice, beating out mobile browser access to a stripped-down site optimized for user script customization. But neither of these two options are both elegant and full-featured…. Read more

Baconreader progress update, no estimate on alpha release

Last week, we told you about Baconreader, an Android Reddit application in development. While the program hasn’t even reached the alpha stage, it is gaining the attention of Reddit (there is a rapidly growing Baconreader subreddit) and the Baconreader website is ready to rock. So even though the latest progress update comes in the form of a couple of UI… Read more

New Android Reddit client: baconreader

My favorite app for accessing Reddit on Android, Reddit is Fun (free, no-widget version), is about to get some competition in the form of a new client called baconreader. And for those of you who want to contribute to the development of the app by way of suggestions, there’s a subreddit ready to rock for just that purpose. And though there isn’t much… Read more