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Verizon Opens Galaxy S 4 Pre-Orders Tomorrow, Release On May 30th

While the other carriers are open with their release dates of the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and allow you to pre-order the device nice and early, Verizon has remained quiet. Today, they announced via Twitter that pre-orders start tomorrow. Yes, it’s pretty late, but at least you can do so now straight through Verizon. Also announced on Twitter, but through… Read more

Shipping and Release Dates for Google Nexus 7

We’ve received word of a shipping date for the recently announced Google Nexus 7 Tablet.  When Google announced the new 7″ tablet at Google I/O, they said it would be shipping in 2-3 weeks and the Play Store still reads this way, “ships soon.”  From some other online retailers that have the tablet for pre-order, we’re hearing that the tablet will be… Read more

Sprint Galaxy S III Now Slated For Release On July 1

There’s been a whole lot of delays happening with the Samsung Galaxy S III on all of the carriers and Sprint’s problems have been some of the roughest. The carrier was originally set to release the Galaxy S III in stores and via online or telesales. That date was pushed back due to both demand and lack of supply. Sprint has remained silent until… Read more

ASUS Transformer Prime gets hands on treatment, new official video ad and fresh release dates

It seems like, within the last 24 hours, the ASUS Transformer Prime went from only a select few reviewing it into the hands of everyone with a worthy website reviewing this tablet. And while none of the production models came with Ice Cream Sandwich, the fact that they run so smoothly can only mean that we’ve only just begun. Yesterday, a plethora of… Read more