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Source Code For AT&T Galaxy S 4 Released

Sure, the AT&T Galaxy S 4 has a locked bootloader, but that hasn’t stopped anyone. The bootloader was unofficially unlocked, and the phone can now be modified to a users content. But what do you do without source code? Luckily, Samsung released source for the AT&T model today on their open source center, so you can give that a download and start messing… Read more

Verizon Samsung Galaxy S 4 Finally Available

Being a Verizon customer has been quite eventful, huh? Not only did the network deny its customers the popular HTC One, but when all the other carriers released the Samsung Galaxy S 4, Verizon had only announced pre-orders and a release date that was over a month away. Luckily, Verizon pushed that release date forward a week, and today is the day it… Read more

Google Edition Galaxy S 4 Will Launch Only In The US

Google announced the Samsung Galaxy S 4 with stock Android at Google I/O, and it looks amazing. It’s top of the line hardware with stock Android. What more could you want? Don’t say a cheaper price tag. But if you were excited for it, this might be a slight damper on your mood. Google has decided that this device will launch only in the United States…. Read more

White Nexus 4 Coming On June 10th With Android 4.3

It looks like the white Nexus 4 is real! The folks at Android and Me have obtained a white Nexus 4 from Google at I/O and have confirmed a release date: it’s coming June 10th! Our suspicions were correct as far as saying that the new color is just a mid year refresh. And boy does it look good. Not only that, but this new Nexus 4 comes with a new… Read more

Sonic The Hedgehog Debuts On Android Later Today

Many of us have fond memories of playing classic games on their old consoles. Many of us still play emulators on Android devices. But now, Sonic The Hedgehog is coming to Android! The game has been modified to fit the widescreen form factor of modern smartphones, providing traditional Sonic gameplay with a few new twists. In the Android version, you… Read more

Verizon’s Galaxy S 4 Releasing A Bit Earlier, Now May 23rd

Verizon may have been very late to the party, but now we know they will be just a little less late. Verizon originally announced that their Galaxy S 4 would launch May 30th, but today they have released a statement that it would come out May 23rd. A week is no small period of time, so we’re sure Verizon customers are a little happier, but an entire… Read more

HTC’s April Revenue Rises A Bit With Release Of The One

As we all know by now, HTC’s profits have been steadily declining. Their success as a company is riding on the HTC One, and with the release of its unaudited revenue for the month of April, it seems to be working. HTC took in $660 million in April, a significant increase over the $540 million it earned in March. And considering that the HTC One came out… Read more