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HTC One Now Available In The UK

IF you live in the UK and have been looking to buy the HTC One, today is the day. They released the device in the UK today and it’s available from many places, be it carriers or retailers. You can even buy them from Amazon UK (or Clove, Phones4u, or Dial A Phone) off contract if you don’t want to sign a contract. Just remember that supplies are low,… Read more

Gameloft Releasing Iron Man 3 Themed Endless Runner April 25th

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=KKflXaTdszs With Iron Man 3 coming to theaters in a short while, Gameloft decided that the best way to celebrate would be to release a game based on Iron Man! Except the game won’t have anything to do with the story of the movies, it’ll be an endless runner like Temple Run but with more action and… Read more

Archos GamePad Now On Sale For $179

If you really want an Android tablet that doubles as a gaming device, this might be perfect for you. The Archos GamePad is a 7″ Android Jelly Bean tablet with gaming controls flanking the sides. With a 1.6GHz dual core processor with a Mali-400 GPU, 1GB RAM, 8GB storage, a 7 inch 1024×600 display, and Android 4.1, it’s not too shabby of a device…. Read more

Samsung Releases Jelly Bean Source Code For Galaxy S II

The Galaxy S II may be a phone which is about to be two years old, but it’s still going strong. It recently received a Jelly Bean update, the firmware wonderfully named I9100XXLSD. As an S II owner, I can confirm that LSD is awesome. The fact that my ancient device is running nearly identical software to my Note II is amazing. However, it’s about to get… Read more

Sony Releases Kernel Source For Xperia Z

Sony has been amazing with their developer support, trying to get AOSP support for the Xperia S, releasing alpha ROMs to the public with full source code, and now releasing full and working source code for their newest flagship, the Sony Xperia Z. Yes, even though the Xperia Z is not out in most of the world (only in Japan at the moment), full… Read more

HTC M7 Rumored To Be Sold On March 8th, Come In Two Colors

In an interesting bit of news, HTC Source reports on some inside information that they received. Keep in mind that none of this is at all confirmed, so take it as rumors and nothing more. However, it’s some good stuff. First of all, they say that the HTC M7 will be sold on March 8th. This is two and a half weeks after their press conference, which is… Read more

Temple Run 2 Hitting The Google Play Store At Any Moment

Update:  It’s here! Here’s the link for Temple Run 2 at the Play Store. If you’re a Temple Run fan and have been waiting patiently for the release of Temple Run 2 for Android, start warming up your F5 button now.  Keith Shepherd, founder of Imangi Studies, tweeted this about an hour ago: And just moments ago, this: So, it’s still not… Read more