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Galaxy S III Finally Available from Verizon

For all you Verizon loyalists who have been patiently waiting for your version of the Galaxy S III to arrive. Your wait is finally over, my friends. After having the fluctuating release date toy with your heartstrings, you can officially go into your favorite phone store and pick one up. If you would rather not leave the house, you can also purchase… Read more

Samsung Comes Home with a Bang, Galaxy S III Sales Soar

Samsung went home yesterday to release its new brainchild, the Galaxy S III. When it did, it received the largest welcoming committee it could have asked for. Samsung sold over 50,000 phones on the launch day of its new “Inspired by Nature” smartphone in Korea. This is over doubling what it sold on the launch of the Galaxy S II, quintupling its original… Read more

Shipping and Release Dates for Google Nexus 7

We’ve received word of a shipping date for the recently announced Google Nexus 7 Tablet.  When Google announced the new 7″ tablet at Google I/O, they said it would be shipping in 2-3 weeks and the Play Store still reads this way, “ships soon.”  From some other online retailers that have the tablet for pre-order, we’re hearing that the tablet will be… Read more

HTC One V Now Available On Virgin Mobile For Just $199

We reported a while back that the HTC One V was apparently set for a June release date and now that has come true as Virgin Mobile has begun selling the phone today $199. This is the lowest of the HTC One series but still features decent specs for $199 without a contract. It includes a 3.7″ 800×480 display, a 1GHz single-core processor, a 5-megapixel… Read more

Carmageddon Launching On Mobile Devices This Summer

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jKjEfS0IRT8&feature=player_embedded It seems that everyone but me knows what Carmageddon is. Though I have not experienced it before, I can’t wait for its announced mobile launch. It looks like an arcade version of Grand Theft Auto that’s only in cars. It’s coming to both iOS and Android, so rejoice! All you really do is… Read more