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Samsung Galaxy S 4 Won’t Include FM Radio

For us Americans, this will seem very strange, but the international models of each Galaxy S model have had an FM radio built in. From the first ever to the third, each one had that radio, which was ripped out for US variants. And a lot of people value that feature, and I’m sure many Americans would too if we had it here. However, Samsung is ending that… Read more

Galaxy Nexus Pulled From The Play Store

Looks like the Galaxy Nexus has been completely removed from the Play Store. Google wants to focus on selling the new Nexus 4, so it has left it as the only option. However, the new Nexus 4 is the same price as the Galaxy Nexus, with an 8GB variant actually $50 cheaper. We can’t say we disagree with this choice. The… Read more

Photos Of LG Nexus 4 With Rear Cover Off

We all know that the LG Nexus 4 has a non-removable back cover. Well, someone removed it anyway (how rebellious). Now we can have a peek inside. We can see the 2,100 mAh battery we reported on earlier, along with a ton of contacts everywhere for various antennas. It’s fairly simple, but interesting to look at the phone without the rear cover. What do… Read more

T-Mobile Galaxy S III Getting Update, Removing Local Search

T-Mobile’s Galaxy S III is getting an update today, and it has been confirmed to strip the phone of local search. While unfortunate, it’s not a huge deal. The update is a bug fixer, so it’s probably worth it to update anyway. There may be other updates, like radio and kernel, too. Overall, it’s good news with a sprinkle of… Read more

Sprint Galaxy Nexus Update Removes Local Search

Sprint announced a new update rolling out for the Galaxy Nexus last night and unlike the other features contained in the update, they conveniently “forgot” to mention that this update removed the local search feature from the device. This means that you’ll no longer be able to search things both on the web and on your device from the Google Search bar…. Read more

(Updated: Temporary) Google Music Now Allows More Devices To Be Deauthorized, Hackers Rejoice

Update: We originally reported that Google had completely removed the policy, but The Verge is now reporting that this is only a temporary solution, until a fix can be found. The media went crazy today about how Google Music only allowed 10 devices to access music, with only 4 device deactivations per year. This was a big problem for those who flashed… Read more