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Samsung Galaxy S 4 Active Leaked For AT&T

The Sony Xperia Z showed us that a high end phone can look good and pack some amazing specs yet still offer some form of rugged protection, which in this case is being dust and water proof. And luckily, it’s coming to the US soon. However, Samsung may just beat them to the US market with the Samsung Galaxy S 4 Active. This new leaked image is of the… Read more

Yesterday’s Galaxy S IV Renders Unfortunately Not Real

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that Galaxy S IV render we reported on yesterday is not real. Or is it good news? A good few of you didn’t even like the design, understandably. But either way, it was found out that it is a placeholder image made by an Expansys web designer. And evleaks, who provided accurate images of the HTC One before anyone… Read more

AT&T Pantech Magnus Render Leaked

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the Pantech Magnus. Last we heard of it, it was benchmarked and shown with a 720p display, a Snapdragon S4 processor and an 8MP camera. It’s also rumored to have a 4.3″ screen. We’re not sure when AT&T is planning to launch this device, but hopefully it’ll be soon. With quad core Snapdragon S4 Pro chips becoming the… Read more

Sony Nexus X Was Faked, Detailed How

Yes, the Sony Nexus X, no matter how much you liked it, was faked. And the person who faked it has come forward and explained how. And seriously, it’s a lot more impressive than you think. The device was 3D modeled, taking cues from many Sony and Nexus devices, creating a realistic but unique device. Then he took photos with his Galaxy Nexus and used… Read more

Is This A Leaked Press Image Of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2?

I guess we’re beginning to see a pattern here with upcoming Samsung handsets as renders start to leak out for the Galaxy Note 2, just as they did for the Galaxy S III. The folks at GSMArena, received the image from an anonymous source who reported a 5.5″ Super AMOLED+ display, 8 megapixel camera and a Exynos 4 quad-core CPU clocked at… Read more

(Update: Fake!) Newest Samsung Galaxy S III/S3 Leak Looks Very Real, Confirms Earlier Images

Update: After seeing a number of sites receive this and post it as “exclusive,” we’re calling fakery on this image. This is not the Galaxy S3, Darth Vader is still your father. Trying to say anything about the final look of the Galaxy S III/S3 at this point seems futile, but this newly obtained image by the boys at PhoneArena matches up perfectly to… Read more

HTC One for Sprint render rumored to find its way online

In one day, HTC and Sprint are expected to unveil a brand new One series device that should bring plenty of attention back to Sprint and Android fans who have been waiting for a high-end Android device to land on the network. While nothing has been confirmed quite yet, there have been plenty of rumors going around, obviously, and this morning we may have… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S II Plus press image reportedly leaked online [Update]

We just told you about the Galaxy S II+ by Samsung earlier this morning, based on the rumored device’s benchmark profile showing up online from the day before. And now we’ve got word that we’re looking at the official press image of the device right there, and if you ask us it doesn’t look that bad at all. Even if we’re a bit disappointed that it isn’t the… Read more