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HTC’s April Revenue Rises A Bit With Release Of The One

As we all know by now, HTC’s profits have been steadily declining. Their success as a company is riding on the HTC One, and with the release of its unaudited revenue for the month of April, it seems to be working. HTC took in $660 million in April, a significant increase over the $540 million it earned in March. And considering that the HTC One came out… Read more

White House Finds That Huawei Is Not Spying, Still Uneasy

Remember last week when we reported that the US government feared that Chinese phone manufacturer Huawei may be using its devices to spy on the US? Well, it looks like it was a false alarm, as a new report states the White House has no evidence that suggest Huawei is using spyware. While this is good news for Huawei, the report also claimed that… Read more

Beats Might Be Getting Geared Up To Release Its Own Smartphone, TV, And iTunes-Like Service

An interesting bit of news has cropped up today from BGR as they are reporting that Beats is preparing to release it’s own smartphone, TV, and a music service that will be designed to compete head-to-head with iTunes. According to the report, Beats will team up with partner company, HTC, to create an Android powered smartphone with a custom Beats UI to… Read more

Court Documents Reveal That Samsung Is Planning An 11.8″ Tablet With ‘Retina’ Display

After Apple launched the new iPad this year, other tablet manufacturers have been trying to cram more pixels into their devices screens to compete. It looks like Samsung is planning to follow that trend as new court documents show that Samsung is working on an 11.8″ tablet with 4G LTE connectivity and a WQXGA resolution display. That’s a measure of… Read more