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CruzerLite Franco Kernel TPU Case For The Samsung Galaxy Nexus Video Review

Today we’re checking out the CruzerLite Franco Kernel TPU Case for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.  I’m reviewing this case on a Sprint Galaxy Nexus, which I hear has slightly different dimensions than a GSM unlocked GNex, but I’m told that doesn’t matter.  CruzerLite’s cases will apparently fit both.  This case fits my device great.  I’ve also been told… Read more

HTC One X+ Review

We’ve had a lot of excitement lately with 2013′s flagship devices being announce and even reviews for the new HTC One are rolling out.  We at DroidDog just got out hands on the HTC One X+ for the first time.  Better late than never right? Now, I’ve read a few reviews for the HTC One X+, and most of them seem to end up being comparative reviews to… Read more

OUYA Opens Store To Game Uploads

The OUYA store has been through testing for a while, but it is being reset. They’re starting fresh, and this is the real beginning. OUYA is now allowing developers to upload their game for review. After the review, it shall be published in time for the official launch of the mini console. I’d say getting your game to be a launch title is a pretty big… Read more

HTC One X+ First Impressions

After 24 hours with the AT&T HTC One X+, here are my first impressions of the device: I’m going to start off with things I really like and move to the don’t likes.  First, this device is fast.  The One X+ sports a quad-core 1.7 GHz NVIDIA Tegra 3 AP37 chipset and it’s no slouch.  I’ve used the Tegra 3 with the Nexus 7 for a while now and… Read more

Ant Raid Review

Ant Raid seemed like just another cartoony Android game for the average person to casually play. When the game starts, it’s a really simple concept of protecting a base in the center using a limited supply of ants. You can select a group of ants using your finger. Tapping selects a small group, and holding your finger down selects a big group. Then you… Read more