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Asus Transformer Prime Dock [Video]

We’ve already seen on video that the Transformer Prime is quite an amazing tablet by itself. But it’s called the Transformer for a reason. Let’s take a look at the dock that completes the package. Build Quality The dock is about the same thickness as the tablet, which is impressive by itself. It’s also built from the same metal, complete with the… Read more

SGP Neo Hybrid for Galaxy Nexus [Video]

There are more and more third party cases floating around for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Some only work with the GSM version; others will work with both the GSM and LTE variants. This particular case from Spigen is particularly good looking! It’s a 2-part case: The inside part is a polyurethane plastic sleeve that provides protection scratches and bumps…. Read more

Official Vimeo for Android App Review [Video]

The Official Vimeo app for Android has been available for a bit more than week now, and has received a lot of feedback and constructive criticism. While a lot of websites’ applications mimic the mobile version of their website, it’s important to include unique features to distinguish the app experience from the web browser experience, and give the user a… Read more

Wikipedia 1.0 for Android Review [Video]

It’s finally here! Quite an interesting day for Wikipedia; Today the official Wikipedia for Android app hit the market for free in the form of version 1.0. It actually brings a few notable features that that browsing the site from your mobile phone won’t offer: You can cache entire articles on your phone for offline reading, read in different languages,… Read more

Zombie Dash App Review [Video]

I’m not a huge gamer on my mobile devices, especially my phone. I installed Zombie Dash for the heck of it and almost instantly found myself playing it more than I’ve played any game on any phone in a while. The concept is, of course, every simple: Out run the zombies. There are only two buttons on the screen: Jump and shoot. Your weapon of choice upgrades… Read more

Dropbox 2.0 Review [Video]

One of my all time favorite Android apps and web-based services, Dropbox, has updated its  Android application to version 2.0. Dropbox V2 is optimized for Android 3.0 and above, and looks beautiful on Ice Cream Sandwich devices. A new menubar is present, along with several useful features that weren’t present in the previous versions, like quick text… Read more

All About the Galaxy Nexus Camera [Video]

There’s been quite a bit of buzz around the blogosphere regarding the Galaxy Nexus’ measly 5 megapixel camera. As I’m sure you most of you are probably already aware, megapixels aren’t everything. They do have their significance, but I’ve seen plenty of 5 megapixel sensors outperform their 8 megapixel counterparts. That being said, how exactly does the… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Nexus review

We are going to handle this review a little differently. We are still going to go over the basic points, like hardware and software, but we’re going to take this more in the vein of a consumer using the device, rather than a reviewer just reviewing a piece of hardware and software. This is the first Android 4.0 phone out there, and so we think that it… Read more

Google Catalogs App for Tablets Hands On

As we’ve already shown, Google recently unveiled their ‘Catalogs’ app for Android 3.x and the iPad. ‘Catalog’s brings holiday shopping to the fingertips of tablet owners around the world, replacing stacks of catalogs from various retailers. According to the Google Mobile Blog they already have more than 125 brands on board, including Nike,… Read more

ChannelCaster for Android Review [Video]

The ChannelCaster App for Android presents a unique way of viewing what’s popular around the internet. I wouldn’t categorize it as a replacement or competitor to Google Reader, but it has a similar feel. It does, however, have integration with Google Reader, so it allows you to catch up on all the news you read while you discover more. It has both… Read more