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Review: Google I/O 2011 for Android

Google I/O is here! There have been a lot of interesting posts already from DroidDog regarding things that have come out of this conference, including our complete Roundup. The free Google I/O 2011 app from Google can be a pretty handy companion for keeping track of what’s going on at the conference – whether you’re present or not! It allows you to… Read more

MKB Reviews: SpeedTest 2.0

The SpeedTest Application for has received a long awaited update to version 2.0 for Android, which features two main additions: A User Interface overhaul and more accurate readings over 4G networks. It’s still overall a very useful multi-platform application that is helpful with benchmarking network speeds between devices and operating systems. Check out… Read more

Review: Mugen Power extended batteries for the Nexus One

When the Nexus S was first launched, most owners of the Nexus One said said one thing: No thanks. While some do deem the jump to the “S” a worthy upgrade, most have been just fine holding on to their original Google phone until El Goog can come out with something to really top the first. Unfortunately, those original Nexus Ones are getting old. Say what you… Read more

Review: XDA Developers Forums app

When I think of the apps that I use on a daily basis, not including the ones that come standard with any ROM (messaging, phone, browser), there isn’t that many. Other than Twitter, there is really only one app that I use a lot. Everyday. I use it for all my new clocks, new themes, and widgets. I use it to find new apps, keep up on certain types of news,… Read more

MKB Reviews: Hot Reboot

This is the first application I’m reviewing for DroidDog that requires root access, but I think it’s so handy that it’s worth sharing for those of you who have already rooted your Android devices. As the name implies, this is an application that reboots your phone or tablet… Except not quite. To be quite honest there wouldn’t be much of a point… Read more

MKB Reviews: Twitter for Android V1.0.5

There may be many reasons to switch from the stock Twitter client for Android to any of many numerous other third party applications. Some people like the different look; others like the speed benefits or different features of specific clients. Google aims to keep you hooked to the stock Twitter client for Android with their most recent update of the… Read more

Logitech Revue unboxing and early look

I hate to drop 20-plus minutes of video on you for what I intended to be a simple unboxing and hands-on, as it were, but there’s a lot going on with Logitech’s (and my) entry into the world of Google TV. I have to admit that I wasn’t sure where to start or how to organize my coverage of the many features, which are still very new to me. But rest assured,… Read more

Breon’s Motorola DROID X [Verizon] full written review

Preface This review is way overdue.  Since I have the device longer than I normally do, I wanted to give it a full workout as a daily phone.  Then, there was rumors that an update was released for the DROID X.  So, I waited for that.  Then, life happened.  Without further….le review. <insert my generic intro here> If you’ve read any of my… Read more

[Updated] Breon’s HTC EVO 4G full written review (Sprint)

Preface: This post is full of multimedia content (and WIN).  I tried to organize it the best I could.  Also, Minneapolis doesn’t currently have 4G/WiMax coverage.  I couldn’t even find any test towers. I won’t be able to answer any questions about 4G reception. I can tell you there’s a sweet 4G toggle widget. Lastly, like most of my reviews, I… Read more

LG Ally [Verizon] full video review

Df_nWpwdTmk A lot of video hit the cutting room floor, due to the YouTube ten minute time limit.  Much of what I cut was answers to specific questions.  I want to answer your questions, so I’m going to piece together the excess footage.  I won’t be able to record any new video, so I apologize if you’re question doesn’t get answered visually. The… Read more