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Google Now Allows Developers To Respond To Play Store Comments

Play Store comments on apps are the best way to get feedback on your creations. Yes, there will be many trolls and/or idiots who leave bad reviews for reasons you couldn’t think of even if you tried. But there are genuinely good comments with real feedback on how to better those apps. Before, the only way to get a response was to email the developer…. Read more

Device Review: Samsung Galaxy Express

Overview The Samsung Galaxy Express is one of the smaller phones that I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing.  It’s designed to be a mid-range device and with that in mind I think it succeeded.  Let me start my giving a quick overview of my Pros and Cons for the Galaxy Express. Pros 4G LTE capability Slim design Text on display is crisp and… Read more

The Daily Dog Park For July 17th

It’s after 5PM, another work day is over, and there’s been a full day’s worth of Android news.  Here at DroidDog, we aim to bring to only the best Android and Google news.  It’s all excellent news, but our relatively new feature the “Daily Dog Park” brings you an end-of-day compilation of all the hot stories from the past 24 hours with news,… Read more

Wunderlist for Android Review [Video]

Wunderlist is a Task Manager app similar to Google Tasks, and is available for iOS, Android, Mac OSX, Windows and the Chrome Web Store. It’s a beautiful productivity application with a ton of sync features that made the switch from GTasks pretty easy. Check out the full video review to decide if this is the life-organizing app for… Read more

MKB Reviews: Color Touch Effects [Video]

Color Touch Effects is a free app in the Android market that lets you recolor images and add some neat effects to pictures you download or pictures you take. The effect is simple, really: You color over a photo with an effect in desired places, then publish the photo and share! Interested? Check out the full video… Read more

MKB Reviews: StatusBar+ [Video]

StatusBar+ is an app with both free and paid variants that allows you to change the notification bar without root access. Pretty nifty! Keep in mind this app is very early in development and that can definitely be perceived during everyday use. If you want to try this out, the free version is linked above. If you’re convinced this is the app for you,… Read more

MKB Reviews: GNotes

You may have seen our previous review of a free app from the same developer: GTasks. GNotes is a similar note-taking application that allows you to synchronize with your Gmail account instead of with Google Tasks itself. This allows you to attach audio clips, photos and other files much like you can with the ubiquitous Evernote app on most platforms. If… Read more

MKB Reviews: NewsR for Android 3.X

Check it out – Google’s Reader Android Application is great for your mobile phone, but isn’t optimized for the tablet reading experience. To keep up with your articles on the go on your Android 3.X tablet you should check out some of the better tablet-optimized reader apps out there. One of the best in the pack is called NewsR. Check out the full video… Read more

Motorola Titanium Review [Video]

The Motorola Titanium is a midrange Android 2.1 phone with a 3.1″ touchscreen display, and a 4-row keyboard on the front. No, you didn’t read that incorrectly – it’s running an already outdated version of Android: Eclair. Nevertheless, those who are looking at a device like this probably care more about features like its push-to talk direct-connect ability… Read more