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Verizon Readying Updates For HTC Rezound And DROID Incredible 2

It looks like Verizon is once again updating aging phones, except this isn’t like the Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Thunderbolt. This is no large update, no change in Android version. The Rezound update is only 6.9MB and contains what they say is “HTC device enhancement.” We have no clue what that could mean, but we’ll see. An update of that size… Read more

Kernel Source For ICS On the Rezound Gets Released For Developers To Have At It

If you’re an HTC Rezound owner who likes to tinker with their phone then today’s a good day for you. Why is it a good day? Well HTC just released the kernel source for ICS build 3.14.605.12 which means that development should be able to progress much faster now. If you’re not into messing with your phone then this probably doesn’t matter to you but if… Read more

HTC Rezound Latest Phone Added To HTC Unbricking Project

Hard bricks, while mostly done with rooted procedures, can happen during a simple OTA update. No matter how it happens, it truly sucks. It’s not easy to handle the loss of a $600 phone, and more importantly, your one true love (I don’t need a life, I have a phone). Well if it was an HTC, there is a chance it can be revived. The HTC Unbricking Project… Read more

HTC Rezound Gets Unannounced Update, Not Small Either

It seems like some people are getting an update on their HTC Rezound. It’s a 103MB update that doesn’t change the Android version, which remains at 4.0.3 with Sense 3.6. However, the software version is now 4.03.605.1. The update seems to be unlocking the global capabilities of the device, which Verizon has promised to do. Well the Rezound seems to… Read more

Ice Cream Sandwich Finally Rolling Out To Rezound Owners

Those of you patiently waiting for Ice Cream Sandwich for your HTC Rezound device should not have to wait much longer.  Despite many delays, it looks like the Android 4.0.3 update for the HTC Rezound is official and is currently rolling out across the country.  Users have confirmed that the update is 299MB, includes Sense 3.6, and brings the software… Read more

Deal Alert: HTC Rezound Only $80 From Verizon

The HTC Rezound is probably the most underrated phone in Verizon’s lineup, as it offers a great display in combination with good specs and LTE to make it the unknown powerhouse. As a part of its summer sale, Verizon is now offering the handset for a mere $80 on contract, down from its original price of $199. That’s a great value for a good phone, and… Read more

HTC Rezound Ice Cream Sandwich Build 3.14.605.10 Leaks

While owners of the HTC Rezound patiently await their official update to Ice Cream Sandwich, a series of leaked ICS builds for it have continued on and today brings a new one. This leak is version 3.14.605.10 and it brings only minor fixes which indicates that this build is one that is nearing completion by HTC. Several things are included with the… Read more

Phone Sales: Sprint Galaxy Nexus, Verizon DROID 4, Verizon Rezound, Returning Customers Get Screwed Again

It looks like loyalty means nothing once again. There are 3 new sales on phones right now, all of which apply to new customers but not to returning customers with upgrades. It’s quite sad, really. Loyal customers get disrespected like this while new customers who have never done anything for a company get big discounts. At least I feel a little loyalty… Read more