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November comScore Results Show Android Growing Faster Than iOS, Samsung/Apple Still Dominating

The statistics for the three month period ending in November were released today by comScore. While nothing much has changed, the gap between the duopoly of Samsung and Apple and the other three in the top five is growing fast. Samsung grew 1.2 percentage up to 26.9%, while Apple grew even more to 18.5%, up 1.4 points. Everyone else has dropped 0.4 to… Read more

Gartner Releases 3Q Report: Android And Samsung Continue To Dominate with 72% Of Market

Gartner, the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company, has released earlier today their 2012 3rd Quarter report for worldwide mobile device sales by vendor OS. The firm reports that despite an overall 3 percent decline in mobile phone sales, the smartphone category hit 169.2 million units sold in Q3, resulting in a 47… Read more

comScore Shows Nothing New, But Doesn’t Yet Factor In iPhone 5

This comScore is over a 3 month period ending in August, which is before the iPhone 5 launch, so they are a little irrelevant at the moment. Still, the numbers show the state of the phone ecosystem a month ago. As you can imagine, Google is in first place with a growth of 1.7%, up to 52.6%. Apple had a 2.4% growth up to 34.3%. RIM dropped another 3.1%… Read more

RIM Head Honcho “Seriously” Considered Android

RIM CEO, Thorsten Heins, had an interview with the Telegraph last Thursday, admitting that RIM simply can’t keep up with Samsung and Apple. That is, at least not without outside help. However, he went on to say RIM “made a conscious decision not to go to Android,” after seeing the struggles of manufactures like HTC and Motorola as of late. “If you… Read more

Samsung Kills It In Q2 With 52.1 Million Smartphones Shipped

It seems like everyone has a smartphone these days, and manufacturers have the numbers to back that up. In Q2, Samsung shipped 52.1 million smartphones. That doesn’t necessarily mean they sold all of them, but it’s still an impressive number for a single quarter. Next up is Apple, who sold 26 million phones in the same quarter. Considering Apple only… Read more

RIM CEO Carries Galaxy S III As Second Phone

The CEO of RIM, Thorsten Heins, has stated that he uses an Android device as his second phone. Is this surprising? Not really. Business people tend to carry around two phones, and when they do, what’s the point of having the same two phones? His main phone is Blackberry, which is good because he is passionate about his company, but I see nothing wrong… Read more