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Details for X10 on Rogers


While we in the States don’t have any specific, reliable information on the X10 launch on our side of the boarder, Canadians just got a shot of news that will force a decision for many a fence sitter. The phone – apparently along with all of the bugs we’ve seen in review units – will reportedly launch on Rogers Wireless on April 15th for $149.99 on a… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Spica coming to Rogers in Canada

Is it just us, or is Canada gobbling up as many Android-based devices as they can get? Well, chalk up the Samsung Galaxy as the next in line, as it’s been confirmed that the Canadian wireless network will be picking it up some time in March. Or at least within the next 2 to 3 weeks. Just in case you might’ve forgotten, the Galaxy is running a 3.2-inch… Read more

Acer Liquid e heading to Rogers

Which means, plain and simple, you can feel free to buy it unlocked and run around with it on your AT&T contract. Just wanted to get that out of the way. Okay, so, it looks like Rogers has done what they needed to make sure that they’ve got the (potentially) only Android 2.1 device available in Canada. We added potentially in there because one, the… Read more