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HTC Holiday landing on Bell and Rogers in Canada sometime in the fourth quarter

While we’re still waiting for any and additional information about the HTC Holiday, it looks like Canadian Android fans who have been keeping tabs on this device, better known as the Raider 4G up in the Great North, may have something else to get excited about now. While we know the device will launch on AT&T’s LTE network here in the States sometime before… Read more

Google Movies rolling out to some Canadian Android owners

Google’s movie rental service through the Android Market has been a staple of the Market for a bit of time now in the States, but Canadian Android owners have been left waiting. According to a few reports rolling in, though, some lucky folks out there are beginning to see the movie rental service’s presence show up in a newly updated Market. However,… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S II LTE launching for Rogers on September 28

So while the US-based carriers are still waiting to get their airwaves harassed by the Samsung Galaxy S II, it looks like Rogers up in Canada is gearing up for a release of its own. But, they’re probably a bit more excited, considering the wireless carrier has something to be proud of: they will be the first carrier to launch an LTE-enabled smartphone. And… Read more

Rogers’ roadmap leaked, Streak and Tab coming soon

BGR has their hands on a leaked Rogers’ roadmap today that shows several great devices coming soon, between Q4 and February, including the Dell Streak and Galaxy Tab. The post in which the leaked promo material was put up goes on to say that none of the following pricing is final, but if nothing else it’s a good guide. Dell’s 5″ monster, the Streak,… Read more

Rogers launches X10, Mini & Mini Pro coming soon?

Today is the big day in Canada for Sony Ericsson’s troubled maiden Android voyage, commonly known as the X10. The phone, which runs Android 1.6 and has fared poorly in many reviews thanks to a non-responsive screen and sometimes sluggish software is going for $149 on a three-year contract. Perhaps more interesting is that Mobile Syrup has been tipped by a… Read more