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Grandview, Missouri Is The Next City To Get Google Fiber

While the actual rollout of Google Fiber is not quite fast, the amount of cities that are announced to get it is growing at a pretty unbelievable rate. The newest city invited into a pretty exclusive club is Grandview, Missouri. A neighbor to Kansas City, Grandview’s board voted to bring Google Fiber to the city. This means Google can start the planning… Read more

AT&T Launches LTE In 20 More Markets Around The US

AT&T is hot on the heels of Verizon, expanding their LTE network as fast as they can. And while it’s still not as big as Verizon’s, it’s getting really impressive in terms of coverage. Just today, AT&T has launched LTE in 20 markets across 13 states. That’s pretty impressive for a single day. Here is the full list of… Read more

T-Mobile Note II Getting Update With Enabled LTE

If you’re a T-Mobile Galaxy Note II owner, you’re very very lucky. You do not need to purchase a new phone to use T-Mobile’s upcoming LTE network, because yours will do just fine. T-Mobile is rolling an update out today that enables the internal LTE radios in the device, letting you take advantage of the blazing fast network that doesn’t yet exist in… Read more

AT&T Rolls Out LTE In 6 More Markets

AT&T’s 4G LTE network is getting bigger and bigger every month. Their new rollouts are coming often, and the newest one brings the coveted LTE to six different markets. Here’s a list: Northwest Georgia Albany, GA Cecil County, MD Norfolk/Portsmouth/Virginia Beach, VA Montgomery County, PA Bucks County, PA Tell us if you live in… Read more

AT&T Galaxy S III Jelly Bean Update Now Available As An OTA

While all the carriers were rolling out their Jelly Bean updates for the Galaxy S III over the air, AT&T decided to make the software update Kies only. This means that, to update their devices, people had to download Samsung software to their computer, hook their phones up, and perform the update there. Sure, we did it, but we’re the techies. Most… Read more

Verizon Adds 19 More Cities To Thursday LTE Rollout

Verizon has been spreading LTE coverage across the country at an incredible rate, and they’ve just added 19 more cities to their planned rollout on Thursday. Those cities are: Hastings, Neb Kearney, Neb McCook, Neb Oskaloos, Iowa Mason City and Charles City, Iowa Marshalltown, Iowa Clarksburg, West Virginia Farmington, NM Gallup,… Read more

AT&T Flipping The Switch On LTE In 7 New Cities

AT&T is working hard to build it’s LTE network across the US, And today they’ve added 7 more cities to the list. It’s good to see AT&T constantly expanding its LTE network, since Verizon got a sizable head start. They say it’ll be done by 2014, then we will hopefully move on to something better and faster. Here are the cities: Pullman,… Read more